Parish Council

The Parish Council is a body of Practicing Orthodox Christians in good sacramental standing with the Church. They are elected by members of the parish for the purpose of working together with the priest in fulfilling the goals and needs of the church. This local governing body also reflects the fundamental structure of the Orthodox Church. That is, we, as clergy and laity together, are the "People of God" seeking to the best of our human capabilities to fulfill the mission entrusted to us by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

 Parish Council Members for 2017

V. Rev. Archimandrite George Nikas, Cathedral Dean

President: Thomas W. Peters (2018)

Co Vice President: Dr. Demetrios (Tykie) Skedros (2018)

Co Vice President: Ted Sargetakis (2017)

Treasurer: Basil Chelemes (2017)

Assistant Treasurer: Lee Kapos (2017)

Secretary: Cindy Skedros (2017)

        Co Secretary: Maria Shilaos-Nelson (2018)

                                                              Parish Council Members

                                                                    Yannis Armaou (2017)

                                                                    Nick Bapis (2017)

                                                                   Steve Gamvroulas (2017)

                                                                    Dimitri Gerontis (2018)

                                                                   Christian Priskos (2018)

                                                                    Deno Priskos (2018)

                                                                   Nico Priskos (2018)

                                                                    Jim Sakellariou (2017)