The Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral's Sunday School program nurtures our most precious resource—our youth. Children raised in this program are taught the spiritual values of Greek Orthodox Christianity, and the rich customs and Traditions of the Greek culture.

Our Sunday School is equipped with the latest and best teaching aids, a sound, yet flexible, curriculum, and is staffed by qualified teachers. Our program has three goals:

1. To educate our children spiritually and morally, in accordance with the teachings of Jesus Christ, and the faith and Traditions of the Greek Orthodox Church.

2. To develop in our children the habit of attending church regularly, studying the Scriptures, and participating conscientiously in the worship and sacramental life of our church.

3. To cultivate in our children a Greek Orthodox Christian conscience and devotion to our ideals to prepare them, so that they become faithful and devoted dynamic members of our church, our community, and our country.

          Sunday School Directors:      

 Holy Trinity -Eleni Sefandonakis  

                     Prophet Elias, Paul Karahalios